Monday, 11 June 2018

Sunday 10th June – CHCC U11s entertain Invicta development squad

An overcast Sunday morning saw CHCC U11s welcome the Invicta U11 Development Squad to Castle Hill. The Invicta Development squad is a combined team of Northern Warriors and Western Rhinos, strong players on the fringe of area representation, as such having 11 boys of this ability from yr 6 was always going to be a challenge for CHCCs team.

Invicta won the toss and elected to bowl. CHCCs top order batsmen had mixed success, Harrison played like a man possessed racking up 25 in less than 3 overs and having to be retired, Henry too batted well for a hard fought 15 against some tight bowling. Unfortunately Cameron and Bear both received peaches from the opposition bowlers and so CHCC found itself with its middle order batting quite early on. Ryan, Elliot and Lucas all batted nicely for their runs and were duly retired after 4 overs to ensure everyone got a bat. The run rate had slipped however so in trying to up the anti we lost Ben A, Ben P and Hobbsy in quick succession. This allowed Harrison to return to the crease and hit a massive 6 before being bowled attempting another, Aadi finished the match having played nicely and coping very well against boys 2 school years above him.

CHCC finished on 91 from 20 overs.

It was now Invicta’s turn to bat. CHCC bowled well but just like other games everyone seemed to have one lapse per over and pop in a wide or a no ball which hurt us. The Invicta openers knowing that the run rate was not high took their time and did not force the pace, only latching on to the loose ones, a lesson there for our boys. Eventually CHCC made a breakthrough and dismissed one of their openers through a sharp catch from Lucas. Sadly other opportunities went begging and the reprieved batsmen made use of their 9 lives, with 6 overs to go and 20 runs needed the Invicta team pressed the accelerator and began to hit out.
Invicta won by 6 wickets.

This was a good game to give our boys experience against a decent side all in the older catchment for U11. The boys should take note of how the Invicta players were vocal and supportive in the field which has been a missing factor for CHCC this year and one we need to work on.

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